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PostSubject: Application   Application EmptyTue Apr 08, 2008 5:05 am

Good day, and welcome to our Forum

We're currently recruiting players lvl 50+ of all classes to fill either casual or raiding spaces.

People we're looking for are:

-Mature and friendly individuals who can understand english(type, read,
understand instruction on Ventrilo, speaking not required).

-Experienced in end-game raiding pre tbc would be a bonus.

-Independent, vigilant on all his/her character's progression(gears, keys, quest,
attunement etc.), Helps are offered often, but it should not be

-Activity, We do expect a certain degree of activity from our members, esp if you
want to come raiding with us. Of course real life is important and
should not be neglected by a game....but, we want to get further with
the guild, in-activity does not get us there.

Please follow the application sample before making an application

Character name/lvl: Imbapriestank 70

Class/spec: Priest 0/13/58

Profession: Tailoring 375/Alchemy 375

Are you willing to respec to meet raid requirements if needed?: Yes

Why do you want to join us/what is your guild history if any

- I've been grouped with some of your members, and they're just awsome! And I
heard a lot about you guys I'd really like to take part in building a
future of Solaris. I've been looking for a guild like yours for a long time
and I thought they don't exsist, you must take me! I was in
IFarmOrMyFamilyDie for 2 months, they never done anything but farming
so i left, but in good terms. Then I join Live For PurplePixel, but
can't stand the heavy raiding 5 nights a week, nobody talks to each
other unless they wanna sell you some epic pattern. I got kicked by the
GM coz i can't farm 50g a day for repair and flasks...

What do you expect from us/can contribute to the guild

- I expect to be treated with respect like i treat others. I wanna raid but
still have time to see my gf and do other things... I can contribute my
crafts to anyone who needs them.

What is your end game experience

- Pre TBC: ZG, MC, and BWL up to Naf. few bosses in AQ20, TBC: None yet.

What is your RL age

- 27

Tell us a little about yourself, Likes/Dislikes

- My name is Derek, a 27 yrs old male from Holland, I work in IT, got a pretty stable
working hours free most weekends and and few week day evenings for WoW,
I like progressive grunge and punk, not too crazy about hiphop tho! My
gf plays wow too she'd like to join as well if i get accepted.

A link of your character sheet on Armory

-We have a trial period of 3 weeks, after that, the officers will decide if
you are promoted, will get an extended trial period of 2 weeks, or,
worst case, get asked to leave.

-Would you like to have some additional info about the guild, please post your question/ suggestion under "General Chit Chat"
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